Who are we really online? #StreamingEgos #Goethe



In January 2016, the Goethe-Institut in south-west Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain) launched Streaming Egos – Digital Identities: a project about the ancient, and yet urgent, issue of identity reframed into contemporary digital culture. Now, the outcome of the artistic research is available online.

Produced and distributed by Digicult – Digital Art, Design and Culture, the Streaming Egos – Digital Identities publication collects the complete documentation of works, researches, and events connected to the project. It is available as an online preview on ISSUU, in Print on Demand on Peecho, and for download in PDF and ePub formats.

The European project Streaming Egos brought together media experts, artists, critics and curators who tackled the theme of digital identity by exploring its risks, limits and advantages when facing the blurred borders in-between virtual and real life. Conceived by the Goethe-Institut in the six participating countries, coordinated…

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